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This short "libellus" was born from the teaching experience of more than twenty years gained between the School of Music Toscanini and the Secondary School with special- ization in music in Avezzano, especially from the awareness that in the recent years, the Time to spend, the basic Culture of listening and the constructive purpose at the musical level of these courses were considerably divided by the students.

Therefore, what is here proposed consists of a series of very famous melodies trans- posed in all keys and where it is possible also repeated to the high octave. This implies the possibility for the student on one side to apply to the musical scale what he has studied during a lesson, and on the other hand the self-correction, since one of the most frequent problems consists precisely in stratification of the errors in the practice at home when a new musical scale is applied to not known melodies.

Every teacher will evaluate until what point push the student in the "Tonality Wood," and also in which octave, and if let him get used to unravel even the interval structure through the performance by memory.
I can assure that the application of certain scales particularly difficult for the tonality will reserve wonderful surprises for the teacher, and that the whole book can be used as factual practical compendium of the scales study in the first 3 years of the study of the transverse flute!