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When teenagers Adam Mealin and Jenny Elliott entered a cave in the twenty-first century, they never dreamed they would step out into the primitive world of the Neanderthal. Grot and his tribe are terrified when the teens appear in their cave with light on the ends of their hands and dressed in weird clothing. Then the group decides the kids really need help. Even if they are gods, they seem to be a little dense concerning survival. The two intelligent tenth graders find themselves completely out of their elements but are determined to survive being attacked by a wild boar, almost drowning, rescuing a child, nursing a wild wolf back to health, saving Grot's life, and learning lessons in the day to day life of 30,000 B.C. Add putting up with Grot who resembles Adam's nemesis, Scott Farmer, in the future - past - and there is a lot of adventure. When and how will Jenny and Adam return to their own time? Can they return and will they be back in the cave in their right time?