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Explore a world of saints and angels, wonders and miracles, hope and love, and let storytelling work its magic.

This book of tales and legends draws from the rich and diverse heritage of the Christian faith in other times and other places. Some of the tales, such as the story of St. Christopher, are widely known. Some, such as the story of a fourth wise man, have many variations. Others, such as the tale of Abelard and the 3 gifts, are rarely heard. All of them are evocative, inspiring, and very memorable.

CONTENTS: The Cinderella Saint: The Legend of St. Germaine * Abelard & the Three Gifts * The Giant by the River: A Legend of St. Christopher * The Golden Light * The Little Juggler * The Good Man of Assisi: A Tale of St. Francis * The Fisher Princess: The Tale of Elizabeth of Hungary * The Three Trees * The Easter Fire: A Legend of St. Patrick * The Slave Girl and Her Master: The Tale of Bakhita * The Ploughman Saint: The Legend of Saint Isidore * Poor Little Rich Girl * The River * The Monk & the Mice: A Tale of Martin de Porres * The Secret Giftbringer: A Legend of St. Nicholas * The Fourth Wise Man: A Christmas Legend * Grandfather's Boat * About the Stories