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THE RIFLEMAN ran on TV from 1958-1963, and as a comic series from 1960-1962. The Rifleman was Lucas McCain, a Civil War veteran and widower who raised his young son in the 1870s-1880s New Mexico Territory. At a time when the Western was king, on TV and in the comics, The Rifleman entertained the young Baby Boomer generation! We're bringing you all 11 public domain issues (#2-12) individually – OR you can get them in a 3-issue collection --- OR all in the giant volume CLASSIC COMICS LIBRARY #79! ALL STORIES – NO ADS RARE COMICS CAN BE HARD TO FIND IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. These books are reprinted from the best available images, and the books will be updated as new copies are uncovered. Sometimes the early and rarer books reflect the age and the condition of the originals. Many people enjoy these authentic characteristics. If you are not entirely happy, please contact us for exchange or refund at any time! Get the complete catalog by contacting classiccomicslibrary@yahoo.com