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In a drama spanning ten years, in a time and space distant from our own, The Villikon Chronicles is a story based on the award-winning motion picture screenplay of a soldier banished to a gothic prison world. Captain Kort Villikon leads a crusade for escape, in an adventure that results in sorrow, betrayal, villainous encounters, freedom, and spiritual closure to the man he thought he was. Amicable and loathsome characters personify the intricacies of military valor, ancient prophecies, forbidden love, political strife, criminal punishment, and unimaginable consequence. This is the inaugural first chapter in a fantastic three-part series which will offer intriguing plots, a twisted conclusion, moments of gothic and vampirical eroticism, metaphorical relationships to biblical creed, and will ultimately make a definitive statement about our own moral convictions. Science Fiction will never be the same. The Villikon Chronicles saga has been adapted artistically, and storyboarded by ROY YOUNG. His work can be visited in the popular SPAWN comic book series. The artwork in this 72-page Graphic Novel defies traditional imagery and exquisitely captures the haunting experience of this fantasy tale.